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Power Point Installation Hobart

Repair or Install Power Points For Homes and Offices


Safety regulations do not permit you to repair power points or install additional ones unless you are a qualified electrician.

Leigh Cottrell Electrical is ideally located in the Hobart Metropolitan area to solve all your power access problems.

With the advent of so many electrically powered items in your home and office, such as home entertainment systems and computers, many buildings do not contain sufficient power points for our contemporary demands. This is particularly so in older buildings. Not only are there an inadequate number of power points, often in inconvenient locations, but they usually are only ‘singles’ and in many cases faulty – in need of repair or replacement.

It can be dangerous to ‘overload’ a single power point by using multi-plug adaptors, or by running extension leads with multiple electrical outlets. The proper and safe way to solve your power access needs is to call in Leigh Cottrell Electrical Electricians Hobart – the experts in power management for your home and office. We will carry out a survey and do the necessary work for you.

Our power point services include:

  • Check all existing points in your home, office, shop, or commercial building.
  • Repair or replace existing power points, as necessary.
  • Upgrade single power points to ‘doubles’.
  • Install additional power points in internal (non-cavity) walls to meet your requirements.
  • Install new power points to external (cavity) walls at your home, garage, garden, yard, office, shop, warehouse or factory.
  • Upgrade your power points to include USB outlets.
  • Repair or upgrade ‘specialist’ (heavy-duty) power points for your air conditioners, home appliances, light or heavy electrical equipment and industrial plant.
  • Give your home a great look by installing new, modern-style power points, such as brushed metal, throughout.
  • Issue a compliance certificate at completion of our work.

Whatever your power point requirements, you will find our friendly, highly skilled, qualified electricians ready and willing to the job for you. Our prices are very reasonable and if you require us to do other electrical work at the same time, we can include the provision of additional power points as part of our overall package and save you money.

All our master electricians are thoroughly vetted for honesty and competence and you can relax in the knowledge that they will carry out the work quickly and efficiently. At the completion of the work we will leave your premises in spotless condition. We only use the highest quality materials and all the products we install are ‘name’ brands. Our work is 100% guaranteed and we will not leave until you are completely satisfied.

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